Photo by: Marco A. Fierro Mendoza |


Free jazz ensemble conformed by Gabriel Lauber (Switzerland), Itzam Cano (Mexico) and Remi Álvarez (Mexico) in late 2006 in Mexico City, Mexico.

According to quantum physics and chemistry, the collision between matter (electrons) and antimatter (positrons) generate an explosion releasing a great amount of energy.

Rhythm, melody and harmony free and permanent improvisation by Antimateria is built upon the sensible and spontaneous creation of each of its musicians who apparently without any musical structure drive their expression towards tridimensional sound experiences, showing a solid, rapid and bold discharge of energy. This is how Gabriel, Itzam and Remi find themselves in a quest for energy release in each and every one of their presentations and/or recordings, stating that free jazz continues to evolve from its beginnings in the 60's until today. Additionally, they are one of the few Mexican ensembles performing free jazz majestically.


Remi Álvarez - Alto & tenor saxophones, Itzam Cano - Contrabass, Gabriel Lauber - Drums