Photo by: Marco A. Fierro Mendoza |


FAS Trio is a Mexican jazz ensemble and its musical proposal walks a path not so explored within the jazz scene in Mexico. The conformation of the trio as a jazz ensemble was back in 2005 and their current lineup for a year and a half. FAS Trio has interpreted various genres of jazz, however, they can be labeled around the concept of free music, because that’s where their best instincts are to make music.

FAS Trio major presentations have been taken place at Mexican cultural and educational institutions such as: Escuela Nacional de Música (ENM - UNAM), Escuela Superior de Música (ESM - INBA) and in various forums at UNAM. They have also been presented at Café Jazzorca, the only place in the Mexico City, dedicated to disseminating on a permanent basis free jazz & improvised music.

"Our music expressed through the exploration of sonorities in arrangements and compositions, in an environment of creative freedom".


Remi Álvarez - Tenor saxophone, David Sánchez - Contrabass, Jorge Fernández - Drums